- Training :

Carrier Digit Company was founded in 1998 as a network training and consultancy company.
We have been delivering Cisco training courses for over 10 years. Our instructors not only teach but also provide Consultancy. This field experience enriches the training by providing real scenarios which is enhanced by equipment located with the delegate. Thus enhances the learning process for our delegates making both a productive and enjoyable experience.
Carrier Digit Company also provides additional networking courses through selected business partners. We work very closely with these partners and are able to provide our clients with both a cost effective and quality solution to meet their training requirements.

We ensure our delegates are looked after from the point of contact, during and after training. These courses include specialist Cisco training (such as storage and service provider courses), Microsoft, Linux, copm TIA and many others.

Whether attending a public scheduled or closed course we pride ourselves that delegate interest is never compromised. Carrier Digit Company has extensive experience of delivering training solutions to match our clients’ objectives in supporting companies’ investment in network technology.

- Why Choose Us?

Learning services
Carrier Digit recognizes that learning is not just attending training courses but is critical to an organizations success. Today business is fast moving, competitive and demands a highly skilled workforce. Our Learning Services Offerings are designed to support our customers in achieving these goals and together we develop learning programs that fit in with their strategy.
Technology Partners                   
Carrier Digit partners with the world's leading technology leaders, including Cisco, Microsoft and UNIX… to ensure that we're not only delivering authorized training content, but adhere to their quality commitments.

Customer Focus
Our focus is on delivering the best customer support and advice in our industry, placing the customer at the heart of the business.

With a continued focus on investing in new facilities as well as in recruiting the very best trainers, Carrier Digit is investing in the future – our future and that of our customers.

- Cisco Certifications :

For many companies and individuals, the achievement of Cisco Systems Certification either as a company or an engineer, is a key objective. As the largest world-wide Cisco Learning Solutions Partner, with the capability to offer the full range of Cisco Certified training solutions at locations throughout Europe, Global Knowledge is ideally placed to help you achieve this objective.
If you then consider our complete spectrum of delivery methodologies and our extensive range of Internetworking courses that gives you all prerequisite knowledge you need, then you will understand why so many choose Global Knowledge as their preferred Cisco learning provider.
At Global Knowledge we run all Cisco Certification courses including:
Three Levels of Certification                                                                            

Associate. The first step in Cisco networking begins at the Associate level, which also includes CCENT, an interim step to Associates for those with little job experience. Think of the Associate level as the apprentice or foundation level of networking certification.

Professional. This is the advanced or journeyman level of certification.

Expert. This is the CCIE, the highest level of achievement for network professionals, certifying an individual as an expert or master.

- Linux :

Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development: typically all underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and redistributed by anyone.
This series provides a general overview of the Linux operating system. Topics include partitioning and the boot process, basic system configuration, file management, and text stream processing. The series also covers user management, group management, and file permissions. Administrative tasks covered in this series include basic job scheduling utilities, as well as system backup strategies and strategies for system documentation and user support.

- Microsoft :

Microsoft Training Overview: Of all Microsoft Training Certifications, the MCSE, is probably the most well recognized of all professional IT qualifications. Jobs for MCSE Trained Engineers range in their millions. To Manage Support, IT Systems and Networks, then there are 2 options; the easier of the two to complete is the MCDST (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician), This MCDST is designed for those who wish to move into desktop support. For example, IT Junior fixing day to day hardware, software and small network problems. A more senior Support or Administration position requires the MCSA Qualification. For database design, the MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) is advised. The MCAD course will teach you the key programmer skills such as .NET, Visual Studio, C# and XML. New Microsoft certifications include MCTS for the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. This qualification is for database programmers who wish to focus on the new .NET framework in Visual Studio 2005 and the MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional), which is designed to prove specialist abilities in new technologies including Project Server, SQL Server and Windows Server.

- DataCenter :

Carrier Digit Company offers industry-leading education for IT professionals‚ facilities managers‚ engineers‚ designers‚ consultants‚ and anyone involved in the critical decisions and infrastructure planning of data centers worldwide. The changing nature of data centers‚ and the technology that impacts them‚ makes it even more critical that employees remain up to date on the current theories and best practices for issues around topics of power‚ cooling‚ management‚ security‚ and planning.

Carrier Digit provides a full curriculum of courses that educate and deliver up-to-the-minute information when and where you need it.

Our portfolio of Data Centre of courses is suitable for the following groups of people:

• Existing engineers who wish to update and add skills to their current knowledge
• Existing engineers who wish to gain a qualification to verify their competency
• New entrants to the industry who wish to gain the appropriate knowledge in order to secure employment
• Sales staff who need to understand the issues facing their customers
• Maintenance staff who may need to perform on site maintenance and repair
• Project managers and supervisors


• Cisco Data Center Networking Infrastructure Design Specialist
• Data Center Physical Layer Design
• TIA- 942 Standard


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