- Products & Services :

Carrier Digit Company believes each customer is a special applicant with unique requirements and should have a specific solution based on the modern technologies. With this point of view, the Carrier Digit Company is performing its services in following fields :

  • Mobile Marketing
  • IP Camera & Security
  • Network design
  • Product distribution
  • Project management
  • VoIP
  • Data Center

Mobile Marketing

We are going to introduce our Mobile Marketing solution by Bluetooth and WiFi as follow:

·         Cloudbee Wi-Fi 2 Mobile Marketing Advertising, which is on line marketing, and is CPE (cost per engagement) campaign, by supplying internet for people in hotel area and direct them to the advertising landing page as picture, Thriller, ring tone, other, after then they can have the facility surf into internet.

·         BluAir, Mobile Marketing, which is off line marketing, Use bluAir to promote your brand by delivering your marketing content in shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, or at big events. The content such as Product Brochures, Catalogs Event Agendas, Maps, Repertoires, Java Games w/Product Placement, Custom-designed Java Mobile Software

Discover a new way to drive conversions, brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent with Cloudbee’s unique WiFi sponsorship model: a brand-safe, high-impact alternative to traditional online display advertising.

These days you need more than just a banner ad to be heard. Our unique ad format is full-screen, captive, visually striking and impossible for your audience to miss. Even better, it’s based on the foundational idea that offering your audience something of value (free WiFi) is the best way to win their attention.

For more info please note following link:



IP Camera & Security

IP Camera solution is base on less cabling by using the existing LAN caballing for connection to server with POE technology which provide the power to the camera through same LAN cable in this way the advantage of IP Camera against CCTV camera is as follow:

1- It’s Green by using less cabling by cutting the power cable and use existing LAN twisted pair cable for connecting to server
2-Easy to installation by connecting the existing LAN network
3-No limit for Camera ( CCTV Media server (DVR) only support 24 camera and if need more
you must have Media server and caballing for 24 again)

4-Managing and storage, the IP Camera picturing in digital way and this is manageable by software and storage is much easier
5-Security control by the software
6-Head counting which is one of the software feature
7-This IP base product with high encrypted security which the CCTV doesn’t have at all   
8-On line monitoring 24/7
9-Higher image resolution than CCTV

The IP Camera product which we use is Brickcam, please check this web site for more information


Network analysis services :

Carrier Digit
offers a full spectrum of Network Analysis services, available remote and on-site. Our network engineers provide expertise and deliver analysis for network infrastructure improvements, upgrades or expansion. In today's bandwidth intensive environments, organizations and service providers must understand how data, voice and video are affecting all aspects of their business.

Contact Carrier Digit
for a free initial consultation to determine where we can help you.


  • Traffic Analysis
  • Bandwidth Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • Application Priority
  • QoS Recommendations
  • VoIP Pre and Post Deployment
  • Network design and changes
  • Failure point determination
  • Network Vulnerability
  • Bandwidth offenders
  • Redundancy options

Product distribution :

Carrier Digit
offers product distribution and fulfillment services for its entire range of manufacturer’s solutions. Whether you’re looking for a single unit or staging a year long project, Carrier Digit has the experience and relationships in place.
We offer:

  • Distribution and Coordination
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Staging and Pre-configuration
  • Warehousing
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Competitive Pricing
  • OEM Agreements
  • Product Branding
  • Product Support Service


Professional project management consultants :

Carrier Digit
offers professional project management consultants who provide planning and support services throughout all phases of implementation, working closely with your staff in order to minimize project time lines and ensure a successful implementation. Drawing from the experience of many successful system implementations and Carrier Digit's standard implementation methodology, our staff is able to offer expert advice in the development of plans and strategies, training requirements, operational procedures and data conversion methods. Carrier Digit's comprehensive Implementation Strategies enables those companies that require a fast implementation to move the project forward quickly and efficiently from day one.

  • Project design and management
  • WAN & Telecom consulting
  • RFP consulting, review, preparation
  • ROI studies
  • Multi-Site Installation & Planning
  • Traffic and Network Analysis
  • Wireless WAN Studies
  • VoIP studies and consulting
  • Cabling and Infrastructure
  • Cabling and Infrastructure

- Switchbox :

Switchbox SB104
Ideal For:
Demanding small offices or home offices.
Users / Calls:
- Supports 1 to 50 users
- Up to 50 concurrent calls

Switchbox AA300

Ideal For:
Small to medium sized businesses seeking a full feature set and powerful functionality.
Users / Calls:
- Supports 1 to 150 users
- Up to 45 concurrent calls

Switchbox AA350

Ideal For:
Medium to large businesses that want a high performance, highly redundant, full featured rack mount PBX.

Users / Calls:
- Supports 1 to 400 users
- Up to 75 concurrent calls

Roll over a feature to get a more detailed description of how it works.

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- VoIP product and provider reviews :

Thank you for browsing by True Data and considering us for your VoIP needs. Most customers come to us with specific needs. The sales & support solutions we provide are:


VoIP gateways:
Hardware to add to your existing phone system to VoIP enables it (digital & analog gateways)
For both VoIP Station and VoIP Trunk usage.


Hardware/Software to provide specific VoIP services (like Skype gateways or trunking solutions
to add VoIP trunks to IP Carriers like Vonage or Broad voice) into your existing phone system.

We can suggest you best of VoIP hard & software phones.




Switchbox is everything that you don't expect from a PBX. It’s truly affordable, easy to set up, simple to configure and a breeze to maintain. It has features that let your business run more effectively and with fewer hassles. And it does all of this for a fraction of the cost of the PBX dinosaurs of the past.

- Set up and Installation management of VOIP centers :

- Designing and performing IP –PABX
- Installation and set up IP Phone (S I P , H323 , . . . )
- Intelligence answering machine based on VOIP.
- Controlling houses, institutions and factories through phone and cell phone lines

Physical Data Center :

Carrier Digit Company is proud to offer a Data Centre Thermal Design Service used to help design new data centre’s or upgrade and manage existing ones.
Our Data Center services are summarized as below. According to customer needs, we deliver Data Center Component design and consultancy services as below:

  • Green Data Center                                                                                      
  • Mobile Data Center
  • Power Distribution
    • Determine the type of the consumer in all racks
    • Determine each rack total power requirement
    • Specify rack PDU requirement
    • Determine number of sub panels and their location
    • Specify the sub panel characteristics such as number of circuit breakers, outputs, inputs and ….
    • Design main power distribution components such as Main, Emergency , PDU , ATS , STS and … panel
    • Electrical conduits
    • Wiring configurations
  • Power Redundancy
    • Determine power single point of failure
    • Determine customer resources
    • Deliver proposal to eliminate single point of failure according to customer resources. including
      • UPS redundancy model
      • Generator redundancy model
      • Power Distribution redundancy
      • Total power requirement
      • Rack power redundancy
      • Single cord system redundancy
  • UPS & Generator
    • UPS
      • Type of the ups
      • Redundancy model
      • UPS capacity
    • Generator
      • Generator Capacity
      • Specify Diesel Type
      • Specify generator type
      • Ups and generator integration
      • Generator redundancy model
      • Load distribution on generators and UPS
      • Generator Placement Requirement
      • Generator Backup Fuel system
      • Generator Noise and emotion level requirement
  • Cooling
    • Calculating total cooling requirement
    • Determine appropriate refrigeration cycle type for DC
    • Design cooling distribution system
    • Determine cooling zones and determine each zone requirement
    • Cooling CRAC & CRAH placement
    • Continues Temperature and Humidity Requirement
    • Cooling Redundancy
    • Cooling Load Distribution
    • Identify the causes 'hot-spots'.
    • Avoid problems by identifying site vulnerabilities
    • Benchmark capacity planning, layout, and site management against industry 'Best Practices'
    • Evaluate floor-tile grill placement by examining the equipment floor plan for location and heat loads by measuring static pressure and calculating the maximum possible delivered cooling


  • Access Control
    • Determine secure zone and their access requirement
    • Determine identification method
    • Require management  and monitoring option
  • CCTV
  • Fire Detection and suppression
    • Determine number of zones and their requirements
    • Determine total number of detector and their type and placement
    • Determine suppression zone and their requirements
    • Specify appropriate type of suppression system for each zone
  • Cabling & Pathway
    • Designing cabling topology MDA , HAD , EDA , …
    • Cabling type and management
    • Cabling configuration
    • Cabling pathway and wiring configuration
  • BMS & EMS
  • Construction and layout
    • Raised floor & Suspended ceiling
    • Lighting
    • Insulation
    • Seismic requirements
    • Floor load capacity
    • Hanging
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Determine business objective
    • Determine all system and their component diagram
    • Determine dependency diagram
    • Determine each component weakness and risks
    • High availability solution
    • Disaster recovery solution and plan
Disaster recovery management process

Designing and Installation of SMS centers :

- Intelligence control system via SMS

- Producing Network SMS Software :
SMS Lottery | SMS Voting | SMS Box | SMS Scheduler | SMS Group | SMS Advertisement
Email to SMS | SMS to Email | Email Agent | SMS Exchange

- Producing SMS Com Device :
. Monitoring from far distance via SMS
. Designing and performing official automation projects based on SMS.
. Designing and performing industrial automation projects based on SMS  
. Set up Tel SMS

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