- About Us

Carrier Digit Company was founded in 1998 and it is staffed with technically trained salespeople and / or engineers who understand business operation in which could reach the worlds leading technology level with rapid growth and now we are looking for partners and distributors all over the world. Our company offers a range of excellent services including Network analysis services, Product distribution, Professional project management consultants, VoIP products and services, technical support and training. We are able to provide our customers with an end to end Business solution.

- Mission & vision :

We understand that your company is always required to be at your client’s service. The administration in your office has to be fast and smooth. Unfortunately only a tiny lack of availability can make limits in your activities what causes you a profit loss. You do not need to engage in the possible problems in your system as you have much more important things to care for. This is our profession to face the propositions in your IT system and you deal only with the solutions.

- Corporate Values :

Integrity: First and foremost, we are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere.

We respect every individual – our employees, our consultants, and our clients. We value and benefit from the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of each individual.

It is our duty to perform to the highest standards of professionalism. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that we unite with our clients and have long lasting relationships.

It is the essence of our ability to succeed as a trusted vendor of training solutions to our clients. We continue to learn from our employees, consultants and strategic partners – sharing skills, resources, and experiences to help benefit our clients as well as ourselves.

We are committed to personal excellence and self-improvement. We draw strength from performance evaluations – striving to excel and improve in all aspect of business.

Dedication: We are dedicated and have the willingness to take on big challenges and see them through.

- Who we are :

Carrier Digit Company  started its activities in field of selling of Cisco products, then due to customers demand and encouragement determined to hold the Cisco specialty courses corresponding to international standards, since then this company by having the purposes of activating and expanding the IT base in Iran , started describing different projects by efficiency and young individuals from universities and also specialized ones who have reliable International certificate that the result of this enterprise is making a specialized group and developing  different  projects in the country and abroad. Since establishing the company, its founders saw the need for a true value added Distributor of Data communications, wide Area Networks and voice over Data, now known as VOIP and also SMS solution and it caused them to motivate themselves to gain lots of success by extensive experiences.

- Why would you choose Carrier Digit company?

Because we treat you with high importance.
We battle for your complacence with an aim that our relationship remains long-term.
We are available, fast and direct.
We always keep our promisses.
We talk YOUR language.
Never leave you with a useless or defective system.
We highly prefere safety and confidentality.
Our quality of service is guaranteed in contract. We claim that the trust can be supported with open and frank communication.

- We do IT :

You are to concentrate on your core-business.
 We are doing IT so you just sit back and relax - we will do it all for you.

- Guarantee :

We guarantee the quality of our work in the contract - in case of dissatisfaction we compensate you.
Let us assure you about the fast reaction, the constant availability, the persistent communication
and the quality service.

- Management Speech :

Nowadays, we are living in a world in which by help of information technology, communication sciences and its development has named ultra-industry age. An age that information has a strategic feature and production, management, transferring information, security and all related industries have considerable importance.
In ultra-industry age or information revolution, all of cultural, social and economic fundamentals are strongly depend on using specialized individuals that play a great role in infrastructure or production, management, maintenance, security and information transferring. In another explanation the criterion of ability for every country in this age is just applying the best specialized individuals in fields of technical, management and strategically for information Networks.So, according to these matters, Carrier Digit Company was founded in order to perform extensive solutions and specialized services in which is based on Informatics’ methodologies, and from the beginning of activities, apart from being a member of IT Institution, has been trying to present suitable strategies based on modern technologies.


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